Stories of 5 revolutionary projects that are democratising democracy with technology

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Democracy Squared is a book telling the stories of 5 revolutionary projects and people who between them are constructing an entirely new system which could benefit us all. 

Brexit. Trump. Regardless of your political beliefs, the system is broken. It doesn't represent people. It doesn't enact the will of the people because the system hasn't changed for a few hundred years. It's messed up. There's hope yet.

In Iceland, Estonia, Argentina, Australia, and Taiwan, they have questioned the very foundations that democracy is built on, and turned to code to do something about it.

I interviewed these people, asked them what they were doing and how they saw the future. I was humbled time after time. If you desperately need to hope in the future of democracy, I hope this book will give you exactly that from both a theoretical and practical perspective.

Welcome to the 21st Century.