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What if the internet had been invented before democracy?



What if the internet had been invented before democracy?
The technology we are developing today is changing the very fabric of our social behaviours and beliefs. Our most strongly held truths are being questioned, intelligence is now distributed, transparency is resulting in accountability and influence is becoming more and more decentralised. Humankind is increasingly operating by a new set of principles and yet for all this change, we are still running on social technology that was built around 250 years ago. It's time to explore upgrading the underlying operating system that we're living on. This is a project to explore, package and prototype what exactly that might look like.



Some of the people we've spoken to


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As the project evolves we'll be updating followers. We're not sure what this will look like yet but it might include podcasts, or blog posts, or even pdf book excerpts. We'll see what emerges as we go along. This will hopefully culminate in the creation of a wiki or community.

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Episode #1: The Icelandic Crowdsourced Constitution
with Finnur Magnusson


“This is for everyone.”

tim berners-lee  |  Creator of the world wide web




Jon Barnes


A pithy speaker and writer and a co-founder of flux where he's focussing on freedom & equality for both human and commercial benefit. Webs not walls.


Jim Ralley


Jim is a rigorous researcher and great at turning thoughts into things. He is a co-founder of flux where he helps organisations to become organisms. He's done some super progressive things in the field of further education and his Masters in english is pretty handy too.